First "World Women Heroes Awards" in TV.

Les Trophées des Héroïnes.

Adama Toulon Organization is happy to announce the very first edition of the "World Women Heroes Awards", Les Trophées des Héroïnes, which aims to honor women in the world of cinema and television, as well as the TV series' heroines they represent.

From July 1st, you will have the opportunity to vote for your favorite actress in each of the categories offered to you. The first categories group the series by genre: Action/Police, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy and Science Fiction.

Two other special categories are also available to you:
⭐️ The " Stuntwoman " category highlights these actresses whose strength and talent are put at the service of creation on film and series shoots.
⭐️ The "Coup de Cœur" category rewards women, actresses, directors and scriptwriters whose commitment and career have left their mark on the public and the world of cinema and television. Four actresses are nominated in each category. The choice was very difficult, so many talented women and series...

But we hope to be able to renew the list and showcase new actresses every year.

Action / Police

Awards for the Best Actress in a Police or Action series.


Awards for the Best Actress in a Comedy series.


Awards for the Best Actress in a Drama series.


Awards for the Best Actress in a Fantastic series.

Science Fiction

Awards for the Best Actress in a Science Fiction series.

Stunt Women

Award for a Stunt Woman.

"Coup de Coeur" Award

"Coup de Coeur" Award to reward an actress / producer / director for her entire career and/or her involvement in the civil society.

The Nominees for the 2019 Awards

For the 1st edition of the Heroin Awards, the nominees are:


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