Sofia Helin

Sofia Helin

Sofia Helin - Saga Norén, The Bridge (Bron)

Bron, or The Bridge internationally, is a Swedish-Danish television series created by Hans Rosenfeldt. It tells the story of Saga Norén, a Swedish policewoman, who investigates a series of crimes in which the victims are Swedish and Danish nationals. The police forces of both countries are forced to collaborate, and Norén finds herself working alongside Martin Rohde, a Danish police officer. But the case takes a particularly creepy and surprising turn when they discover that it's not just about one death...


Saga Norén is a member of the Malmö County Police. A brilliant and dedicated police investigator, she is presented as totally unaware of social norms and suggested, but never stated, as autistic.


Sofia Helin is a Swedish actress. She got her first role in 1997, in the film "Rederiet", but it was in 2003 that she made her mark, playing the lead role of the chief inspector Klara in the film "At Point Blank" (Rånarna). The following year, she played the title role of Mia in "Masjävlar", a performance that earned her a Guldbagge Award nomination. In 2007, she starred in the film "Arn - The Knight Templar", an adaptation of Jan Guillou's novel "The Knight Templar".

Her fame, so far national, extends across the world in 2012 thanks to the successful TV crime series "The Bridge". In the United Kingdom, the series drew more than a million viewers per episode and has been called a role model for women with Asperger's syndrome.

In 2023, she will appear in the third season of the British series "Alex Rider," adapted from Anthony Horowitz's literary saga of the same name.


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