Liv Lisa Fries

Liv Lisa Fries

Liv Lisa Fries - Charlotte Ritter, Babylon Berlin

Babylon Berlin is a German television series created by Tom Tykwer, Hendrik Handloegten and Achim von Borries. Set in 1920s Germany, the series follows the police chief Geeron Rath who is transferred to the Berlin vice squad to dismantle a pornographic film network belonging to the Russian mafia. With the help of the ethically challenged lieutenant Bruno Wolter and the ambitious young secretary Charlotte Ritter, the team tries to solve the case while juggling political and diplomatic implications.


Charlotte Ritter is a police secretary who uses her resourcefulness and connections to investigate a series of crimes in 1920s Berlin. A young woman, "boyish" and feminist, wild, smart and resourceful, she dreams of becoming the first woman inspector in the criminal brigade.

Coming from a poor background and having a stormy relationship with her family, her only wealth is her affection for her little sister Toni and her unfailing optimism. To make ends meet, to help pay the rent and feed her family, she occasionally prostitutes herself in the basement of the Moka Efti cabaret after nightfall.


Liv Lisa Fries is a German actress, best known for her role as Charlotte Ritter in "Babylon Berlin". When she watched the film "Leon" at the age of fourteen, she decided to become an actress, struck by the performance of Natalie Portman. She then began to attend a drama school in Berlin, and got her first role in 2005 in the film "Elementarteilchen", but her part was cut in post-production. In 2010, she was noticed by critics for her role as Linda, an aggressive and frustrated teenager, in the TV movie "Sie hat es verdient". In 2013, she played the title role in the film "Und morgen Mittag bin ich tot", Lea, a young woman suffering from cystic fibrosis who asks for euthanasia in Switzerland. Her performance strongly impressed the critics.

Since 2017, she plays Charlotte Ritter in the series "Babylon Berlin", considered the most expensive German TV series in history. At the same time, she also appears in the American science fiction series "Counterpart", in which she plays the secondary role of Greta, a barista who falls in love with Baldwin, one of the main characters.


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