Millie Bobby Brown - Jane/Eleven/El, Stranger Things - AWARD 2022

Millie Bobby Brown - Jane/Eleven/El, Stranger Things - AWARD 2022

*** AWARD 2022 ***

Stranger Things:  In 1983, in a seemingly quiet Indiana town, a group of friends set out to find one of their own, Will, who suddenly disappeared without a trace. In their search for answers, they meet Jane, a mysterious girl on the run, tattooed with the number "11" and possessing psychic powers. At the same time, supernatural phenomena are occurring in the city, linked to the Hawkins National Laboratory but also to the MK-Ultra project experiments and Will's disappearance. The young Jane could be the key to all these mysteries.


Millie Bobby Brown is a British actress, model and producer. She began her acting career in 2013, then aged 9, in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, the spin-off of the Once Upon A Time series. The following year, she landed her first recurring role in the series Intruders. After the premature end of these two projects, she continues to play small roles in successful series such as NCIS, Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy. She also participated in Gordon Ramsay's reality show, Hell's Kitchen.

It wasn't until 2016 that she gained notoriety for her role in the series Stranger Things. Her performance earned her two nominations as Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Television Series at the Primetime Emmy Awards in 2017 and 2018, becoming one of the youngest nominees for the award, but also at the Screen Actors Awards in the same years for Best Actress in a Drama Television Series.

She made her film debut in 2019 in Godzilla 2, a role she reprised in 2021 in Godzilla vs. Kong, and enjoyed success again with the title role in the film Enola Holmes, alongside Henry Cavill, a film she also co-produced.

In 2018, Millie, then 14 years old, became the youngest ambassador for UNICEF funds.


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