Ellen Hollman - Saxa, Spartacus

Ellen Hollman - Saxa, Spartacus

Spartacus: A powerful Thracian warrior betrayed by Rome finds himself enslaved and forced to become a gladiator if he ever wants to see his wife again. Locked up in the gladiator school, run by the Machiavellian Batiatus and his wife Lucretia, he is trained to become the most formidable fighter, and must face Lucretia's schemes and the hostility of the other gladiators.

Saxa, a former slave, is a fierce, talented and powerful warrior with a strong personality. She joins the Rebel troops of freed slaves led by Spartacus.


Ellen Hollman is an American actress. She began her career in television, in 2005, in an episode of the famous series Malcolm, then in the fourth season of The O.C. In 2006, she moved to the big screen by appearing in the film Road House 2, followed in 2008 by Fling and Asylum. That same year, she founded and directed the nonprofit organization Visual Impact Now, providing access to eye care for nearly 6,000 children, as well as opening numerous clinics in Los Angeles.

She has played a number of roles in movies (Skateland, Last Halloween, The Scorpion King 4...) and television (NCIS, Criminal Minds, Medium, 9-1-1...). In 2012, she gets a recurring role in the series Spartacus. In 2020, she participates in the film Army of One as an actress but also as a producer. In 2021, she plays the role of Echo in the sequel of the cult saga The Matrix Resurrections.


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