Lana Parrilla, Regina Mills, Once Upon A Time. AWARD 2019

Lana Parrilla, Regina Mills, Once Upon A Time. AWARD 2019

*** AWARD 2019 ***

Regina Mills is one of the main characters in Once Upon A Time. She is the Evil Queen from Snow White. To get back at her, Regina launches a curse that sends all the fairytale characters into the real world, in a city called Storybrooke. If she sided with the villains at the beginning of the series, Regina gradually realized that her desire for revenge was not the happy ending she wanted and, in search of redemption, she eventually switched to the heroes' side.

Lana Parrilla began her career in 1999, in the Grown Ups series. In 2000, she landed her first regular role, Angie Ordonez, in the fifth season of the sitcom Spin City. She made a few appearances in series such as JAG and The Shield, then landed a new regular role in 2002 in the crime series Boomtown. In 2005, she won the role of Sarah Gavin in the hit series 24, and appeared in several episodes of the series Lost in 2007. In 2010, she joined the main cast of the medical series Miami Medical. But it is in 2011 that his career takes a turn, after having landed a regular role in the series Once Upon A Time. The series is a success and reveals it to the world. She plays the character of Regina Mills/The Evil Queen until the end of the series in May 2018 and will make her first steps as a director for episode 17 of the seventh and final season.

UPDATE 2021:Lana Parrilla joined the cast of Why Women Kill (season 2) as Rita Castillo.
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