Kristen Bell, Eleanor Shellstrop, The Good Place. AWARD 2019

Kristen Bell, Eleanor Shellstrop, The Good Place. AWARD 2019

*** AWARD 2019 ***

Eleanor Shellstrop is the heroine of the series The Good Place. Upon her death, she found herself in the Good Place, an equivalent of Paradise, where only people with fundamentally pure souls could go. All the others are sent to the wrong place. The problem is that Eleanor is not really a good person: she was sent to the right place by mistake. But the experiences and encounters she will have there will gradually make her better

Kristen Bell was revealed in 2004 thanks to the Veronica Mars series in which she played the leading role, which won her several awards. She appeared in several comedies such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall in 2008, Couples Retreat in 2009 or When in Rome in 2010. At the same time, she is the narrator of the series Gossip Girl.
In 2013, she was very successful in lending her voice to the character of Anna in the animated film Disney Frozen, and in 2016 as one of the main characters in the comedy Bad Moms.

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