Maria Casadevall - Maria-Luíza Carone Furtado, Coisa Mais Linda

Maria Casadevall - Maria-Luíza Carone Furtado, Coisa Mais Linda

Coisa Mais Linda : In the 1950s in Brazil, a group of women from different backgrounds find themselves bound together by their strong desire to escape the condition in which society locks them.

Maria, a wealthy woman, joins her husband in Rio with the aim of opening a restaurant with him. But when she arrives, she discovers that he has left her without a word and with all their money. As she sinks into despair, she meets Chico, a talented but misunderstood artist, and Adélia, a determined carioca who fights against racism and to provide for her daughter and younger sister. Through them, Maria discovers Bossa Nova, an emerging music to which she wishes to devote herself fully, but her father does not agree and threatens to take his son away from her.


Maria Casadevall is a Brazilian actress. She made her first steps as an actress at the age of 16 by appearing in commercials. Shortly after, she took classes at the Wolf Maya Academy of Actors, and dedicated herself to stage studies and television and film acting with director Fernando Leal. In 2009, she started on stage with the plays Roberto Zucco and Hipóteses Para o Amor e a Verdade, and moved to the small screen in 2011 with the mini-series Lara com Z. She followed with the series Amor à vida (2013), Lili, a Ex (2014-2016), I Love Paraisópolis (2015), Vade Retro and Os Dias Eram Assim (2017) and Ilha de Ferro (2018). She was also voted Woman of the Year by GQ Brasil magazine in 2013, and in 2019 landed one of the lead roles in the series Coisa Mais Linda.


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