Vis A Vis - Locked Up

Vis A Vis (Locked Up) is a Spanish television series. It follows the story of Macarena Ferreiro, a young woman imprisoned in a women's prison, after being manipulated by her boss, with whom she is in love, to commit accounting fraud in his favor. At the penitentiary, she discovers that the other prisoners are looking for 9 million euros stolen a few years ago by one of the women in prison but never found. Macarena stumbles upon a lead that could solve the mystery and pay her bail, but nothing is safe in prison.

Cast: Maggie Civantos, Alba Flores, María Isabel Díaz Lago, Marta Aledo, Najwa Nimri, Berta Vázquez, Laura Baena, Inma Cuevas, Jesús Castejón, Ramiro Blas, Alberto Velasco,...


Trailer Season 4 


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