Melanie Scrofano - Wynonna Earp, Wynonna Earp - AWARD 2021

Melanie Scrofano - Wynonna Earp, Wynonna Earp - AWARD 2021

*** AWARD 2021 ***

Wynonna Earp is an American-Canadian series, adapted from the eponymous comic book series created by Beau Smith. It tells the story of Wynonna Earp who, on her 27th birthday, returns to her hometown to accept her place as Wyatt Earp's cursed heir. She must protect the town from the Revenants, the name given to the criminals her great-grandfather, the Peacemaker, killed. She is assisted in her mission by her sister Waverly, Agent Dolls and her immortal friend Doc Holliday.

Melanie Scrofano is a Canadian actress. She started her career as a model at the age of 13, but quickly gave up to become an actress. In movies, she is known for playing the eccentric Emilie Le Domas-Bradley in the film Wedding Nightmare. On television, she became famous for her role as Tia Tremblay in the Canadian series The Listener. Today, she plays the title role in the American-Canadian series Wynonna Earp.





© Photo: Michelle Fay, SYFY.