Sonequa Martin-Green, Commander Michael Burnham - Star Trek:Discovery. AWARD 2020

*** AWARD 2020 ***


Adopted by Ambassador Vulcan Sarek, Michael will become the first human to graduate from the Vulcan Academy of Sciences. She will join the Starfleet organization and serve for seven years under Captain Georgiou, where she will move up the ranks to become second in command.

Sonequa Martin-Green will become known as a guest in the series The Good Wife and Once Upon A Time before joining the cast of The Walking Dead which will bring her a strong public notoriety. In 2017, she will land the lead role in the series Star Trek: Discovery. Two years in a row, Sonequa won a Saturn Award as Best TV Actress for Star Trek: Discovery. 


Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Teaser Trailer, introduced by Sonequa Martin-Green, Captain Burnham herself.




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