Mary McDonnell, Sharon Raydor, Major Crimes. AWARD 2019

Mary McDonnell, Sharon Raydor, Major Crimes. AWARD 2019

*** AWARD 2019 ***

It is in the fifth season of The Closer that we discover Captain Sharon Raydor who was in charge of internal affairs. Following the departure of Brenda Leigh Johnson, Raydor found herself leading the Major Crimes Brigade in the spin-off of the same name.

After a 21-year career on Broadway, Mary Mc Donnell made her film debut in 1988 with the film Tiger Warsaw, alongside Patrick Swayze.  In 1990, she joined Kevin Costner in Dance with Wolves. This will earn her an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress. First lady of the United States in Independence Day, then President of the twelve colonies in the Battlestar Galactica series, Mary McDonnell would obtain other important roles in the television industry.

UPDATE 2021:Mary Mc Donnell joined the cast of Rebel as Helen.
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