Lou Llobell - Gaal Dornick, Foundation

Lou Llobell - Gaal Dornick, Foundation

Foundation: A prominent professor, Hari Seldon, predicts the collapse of the Galactic Empire, a powerful dynasty of clone emperors with a hitherto unrivaled reign, followed by 30,000 years of darkness before the arrival of a new empire. In order to limit the damage and reduce this era of darkness, Seldon and his cohorts decide to create the Foundation, a place for the preservation of all human knowledge, in the hope of rebuilding a civilization.

Gaal Dornick, the story's narrator, is a brilliant mathematician with the gift of precognition (she sees the future). Recruited by Seldon, she becomes an integral part of his plan to preserve civilization.


Lou Llobell is a Spanish, South African and Zimbabwean actress. A graduate of the University of Birmingham and the Drama Centre in London with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts, she did not begin her acting career until 2021, when she landed a supporting role in the film Voyagers. She was later cast as Gaal Dornick, one of the leads and the narrator of Foundation, the AppleTV+ science fiction series. She also starred in the film The Pilgrim.


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