Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu - Joan Watson : Elementary

A former surgeon who ended her career after her husband's overdose, Watson found herself hired by Sherlock Holmes' father as a sober companion when she left rehab. Taking an interest in Sherlock's work, and despite the difficulties she encounters, she agrees to become his partner and be trained by himself as a private investigator.

Revealed by her role in the Ally McBeal series, Lucy Liu is also known for her movie roles such as Charlie and the Charlie's Angels and Kill Bill.
In 2012, she will land the lead female role in the Elementary series, which will earn her a Teen Choices Award in the Best Actress category for her character of Joan Watson. On May 1, 2019, she will receive her own star on the famous Walk of Fame. This makes Lucy the second actress of Asian origin to receive this honor.


© Photo : Michael Parmelee, CBS.



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